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According to strict medicial criteria, not likely

But one Australian study from the University of Queensland indicated that patients suffering from depression or anger-related issues found relief by listening to aggressive music, ex., heavy metal, hard core, punk, etc…

Another study participant noted,

When I’m sad I don’t want to listen to Happy by Pharrell, I want to listen to something sad, something that understands me. 

The explanation people’s was almost unhelpfully broad, however, saying that certain moods create a desire for a certain type of music, which many folks might think of as common knowledge. A bit more insightful was article’s note that “a lot of people when they’re sad will listen to music to fully experience their sadness.” 

Read the full article here: Heavy metal music combats emotions like depression, anger, study finds

Mark Hunter, front man of metal band Chimaira out of Cleveland, suffers from bipolar disorder and is the focus of revealing new documentary called Down Again. The film takes a personal, practical look into elements closely related this study as they apply to the way heavy music influences Mark moods and those of his fans.

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