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Mood swings got you down? Back away from the phone and have a drink.

The Oak Bar in New York’s Plaza Hotel is proposing a toast to Mel Gibson and his alleged telephone tirades and debuting a “bipolar” cocktail in his honor. (The actor once said he’d been diagnosed with manic depression.)


In true Gibson fashion, the concoction calls for a 1 oz. swig of gin. It also features a shot of vodka – and not just any brew. The Oak Room’s executive chef Eric Hara went all out on the mental theme with Van Gogh Vodka, in honor of the artist who suffered from the disorder.

“Gibson Bipolar All these words flying around in the media just jumped out at me. So I made a Gibson, which is a classic cocktail, into something thoroughly twisted,” Hara tells PEOPLE.com of his liquid creation, adding, “It’s a guy drink, by the way. There’s nothing sweet about a Gibson.”

Want to make it yourself? 

Here’s the recipe: Be prepared to bite your lip and give it hell.

• 1 oz Van Gogh Vodka 

• 1 oz. Bols V.O. Genever Gin 
• ¾ oz. vermouth 
• 3 oz. club soda 
• Splash of cocktail onion juice 
Best served on the rocks – like Gibson’s career.

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