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When I was first diagnosed, I asked my psychologist why people with bipolar disorder hadn’t been culled out of the population through natural selection. To me it seemed that manic depressives are marked less fit for survival; if, as most in the psychiatric community agree, bipolar disorder has genetic roots, then those fortunate folks would inevitably procreate less than the general population fade away.

I tried to put the idea in context; I happen study ancient prehistory, so I set my mind’s eye back to 10,000BC when man followed the wandering herds of mammoth for food and other life essentials.

In that scenario, manic me would out-hunt, out-gather, and outrun any caveman or lady around. But what about depression. When I’m stuck under a rock for 2 weeks without any interest in eating let alone taking out a prehistoric elephant. For sure I’d be left for dead as the tribe moved on to track the migrating meat. But, my psychologist’s response, albeit a little over the top, elevated me.

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