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Highbrow British Mania

I’m big Anglophile (I’ve been pinching British BBC shows since ’07) and up there among my favorite English celebrities is Stephen Fry, who just happens to be bipolar. He released, recently, his second documentary on the condition called The Not So Secret Life of the Manic Depressive, a 10 yr followup to his first revealing

Getting Honest About Mental Health In The World Of Tech Startups

Abdullah Snobar Forbes Councils MemberForbes Technology CouncilCOUNCIL POST | Paid ProgramInnovation POST WRITTEN BY Abdullah Snobar Executive Director at the DMZ — a tech accelerator for high-potential startups to scale and grow into world-class businesses.       Shutterstock The tech sector is built on bright minds developing new solutions to create economic or social impact. This fast-paced industry

The Awesomer Side of Bipolar Disorder

When I was first diagnosed, I asked my psychologist why people with bipolar disorder hadn’t been culled out of the population through natural selection. To me it seemed that manic depressives are marked less fit for survival; if, as most in the psychiatric community agree, bipolar disorder has genetic roots, then those fortunate folks would