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Supporting sustainable lives for bipolar entrepreneurs and their startups.

Anxiety & Depression Cripple so Many Founders

Mental Illness May Plague Entrepreneurs More Than Other People. But there are ways to cope and even power through and above for some folks. A bipolar brain is by nature difficult to manage. As are startups. Together the intricacies of manic depression can make life running a startup a particularly interesting challenge to say the

Can Head-Banging to Heavy Metal Alleviate Mental Illness?

According to strict medicial criteria, not likely But one Australian study from the University of Queensland indicated that patients suffering from depression or anger-related issues found relief by listening to aggressive music, ex., heavy metal, hard core, punk, etc… Another study participant noted, When I’m sad I don’t want to listen to Happy by Pharrell,

Beef Jerky Triggers Mania?

Apparently scientists have uncovered a possible causal connection between eating certain processed meats and manic episodes among bipolar patients. I dunno…I’d like to meet the scientist that first had the idea for this study. What had he or she seen that warranted further investigation? Had they witnessed a concerning trend among patients pointing to hotdog

Top Doc Dr. Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg out of Norwalk, CT is annually listed by Castle Connolly as a Top Doctor in the field of psychiatry and his work on bipolar disorder is recognized globally. I had no idea 2 years ago when I saw him for the first time when I was in a particularly tight spot, and he got


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